Ammons Lab NIH Video on Biofilms Research

Produced as part of the NIH Common Fund Tenth Annual Video Competition for CF grant Awardees.

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Aug 25, 2015
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Not for the faint of heart, bacterial biofilm colonization of wounds is a major biomedical problem. Dr. Ammons and her colleagues at Montana State University are on the front line of this battle working to improve not only our understanding of basic biofilm biology within the host, but also working towards biofilm-targeted, evidence-based protocols that translate from the benchside to bedside.
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Mary Cloud B. Ammons

Assistant Research Professor, Montana State University


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Martin Delahunty over 2 years ago

Thanks Mary for sharing. Excellent animation and love the 'CSI' analogy.

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Jen Thoroughgood over 2 years ago

Love this! Thanks Mary. A great way of making complex research really accessible.