Biofilms 8 Conference

Hear more about the Biofilms 8 Conference which for the first time will be held in Aarhus Denmark, 27-29 May 2018.

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"The meeting will be an occasion for people with different aspects of the biofilm research at hand", states Professor and Conference Chair Rikke Louise Meyer.

Hear more about the Biofilms 8 Conference and the exciting topics that will be covered during the two and half days of the event.

Keynote speakers:

› Professor Nicola Stanley-Wall, University of Dundee, Scotland, UK

› Professor Kevin Foster, University of Oxford, UK

Invited speakers:

› Assistant Professor Joan Geoghegan, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

› Professor Henny van der Mei, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

› Professor Ross Carlson, Montana State University, USA

› PhD Vaughn Cooper, University of Pittsburgh, USA

› Dr. Romain Briandet, INRA, France

› Assistant Professor Lars Dietrich, Columbia University, USA

Lea Malling Bernard

Congress Manager, CAP Partner