Joe Bennett

Head of Publishing, Nature Research and BMC
George Roche

Founder, Revital Biome

Working at the intersection of food, biotech, and entrepreneurship. Focused on everything microbiome.
Munehiro Asally

Assistant Professor, University of Warwick

Ben Libberton

Science Communicator, Freelance

I'm a freelance science communicator, formerly a Postdoc in the biofilm field. I'm interested in how bacteria cause disease and look to technology to produce novel tools to study and ultimately prevent infection.
Henriette Lyng Røder

Postdoc, Microbiology, University of Copenhagen

Wenzheng Liu

PhD student, University of Copenhagen

Jeanette Romero

Communities and Digital Engagement Marketing Executive, Nature Research

Daniel Morse

PhD Student, Cardiff University

PhD student interested in oral biofilms; Candida associated biofilms and Candida-bacteria interactions, and modelling biofilm infection. Also interested in tissue engineering, immunology of and host cell responses to biofilm infection.
Cedric C. Laczny

Research Associate/Project Manager, Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine, University of Luxembourg

Christa Meisinger

Editorial Board Member, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Chair of Epidemiology at UNKA-T Augsburg