What does the photograph used as a background for all participants of this community show? What is it of?

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Magdalena Skipper on Jul 02, 2015 • 3 answers
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It is a mixed species biofilm, where we tagged Pseudomonas aerugninosa, Pseudomonas protegens and Klebsiella pneumonia with different fluorophores. You can find details in Lee et al. 2014. 8:894-907.

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Scott A Rice on Jul 05, 2015

The mixed species biofilm in the image and described by A/Prof. Rice in his post below, was created as a model reproducible system to investigate how interspecies interactions affect biofilm development, structure and stress responses ( Lee et al. (2014) The ISME Journal 8: 894–907).
To date, most studies of biofilm behaviour have focused on single-species or population biofilms, but naturally occurring biofilms are most commonly comprised of multiple species.
Lee et al. found that mixed species biofilms behaved differently than their single species biofilm counterparts. For example, the mixed-species biofilm formed distinct structures that were not observed in comparable single-species biofilms and the mixed species biofilm was more resistant to antimicrobials than the component species cultured as populations. The mixed species biofilm imparted a community-level protection that was affected by the spatial organisation of the community members.
Lee et al demonstrate the utility of reproducible mixed species biofilm systems to unravel microbial cell-cell interactions in biofilm communities and recommend a similar approach be employed for further investigations into the molecular mechanisms involved in community assembly and behaviour.

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Sharon Longford on Jul 08, 2015

We're now looking for a new photograph, to illustrate our community homepage. Check out my post below for more details.


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Jen Thoroughgood on Jul 28, 2015