Biofilms7, Porto, June 26-28 2016

Biofilms7 will take place during 26th-28th June 2016 in the city of Porto, one of the most exciting cities of northern Portugal, several times elected best European destination. Biofilms7 will be hosted by the biofilm research groups of University of Minho and University of Porto. This event belongs to a series of well-known conferences. The two most recent ones were held in Vienna (Biofilms 6) and Paris (Biofilms 5). The topics of Biofilms7 are already defined.

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Biofilms7 will address cutting-edge issues of biofilms in industry, environment and health:

  • Biofilms and surfaces/interfaces: from nano to macro-scale.
    Microbial adhesion, surface-microbial interactions, new surfaces and modifications, molecular biology of cell adhesion and biofilm development.
  • Biofilm detection and characterization methods (physical, chemical, biological).
    New approaches to study biofilms including architecture, composition, cell quantitation and localization at a molecular, single cell and community level.
  • Biofilm prevention and control strategies.
    Emergent approaches for biofilm prevention and control in industry, environment and health.
  • Biofilms and the environment.
    Biofilms in engineered and natural systems, biofilm ecology.
  • Productive biofilms.
    Biofilm systems providing valuable biotechnological compounds and with beneficial effects.
  • Biofilms, Industry and Energy.
    Industrial biofilms, biofouling in process equipment, contamination issues, microbial fuel cells and other biofilm energy producing systems.
  • Modelling and Simulation.
    Modelling, simulation and new in silico approaches for biofilm studies.

Akos T Kovacs

Professor of Bacterial Physiology and Genetics, Technical University of Denmark, DTU Bioengineering

07/2017 - Professor of Bacterial Physiology and Genetics, DTU Denmark 10/2012-07/2017 Group Leader, FSU Jena, Germany 07/2005-07-2012 Post Doc, University Groningen, The Netherlands (w/ Oscar Kuipers) 09/2003-05/2005 Post Doc, Biological Research Centre, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Szeged, Hungary (w/ Kornel Kovacs) 09/2000-09/2003 PhD fellow, University of Szeged, Hungary (w/ Kornel Kovacs) 09/1995-07/2000 BSc/MSc student, University of Szeged, Hungary