Mind the Cap: reusing bottle caps to clean water

Here is a great idea to reuse all those bottled water caps: to clean wastewater.

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Alex Fassbender, the CEO of EcoVia Corp wants to incorporate used bottle caps to clean wastewater. An article by Jim Johnson in Plastic News describes his plan.

“Wastewater treatment relies on bacteria for decomposition and cleaning, Fassbender said at the recent Plastics Caps & Closures 2015 conference in Itasca. He sees a system that uses post-consumer caps as a substrate at wastewater treatment plants that allow for the growth of the bacteria.”

For his CapBiome business, Fassbender wants to use plastic caps as substrates for bacterial biofilms to grow.

“Picture giant treatment tanks filled with plastic caps. Wastewater is cycled in and out of these tanks allowing the biofilm a chance to grow and do its job both in water and in the air. The caps, Fassbender said, can be periodically cleaned and used over again.”

Read the complete article here.

Elisabeth M. Bik

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