New On Towards Biome-specific Analysis Of Meta-omics Data

Published online on December 1, 2015 by The ISME Journal, this article by Youssef Darzi, Gwen Falony, Sara Vieira-Silva and Jeroen Raes (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium) is now available to view.

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Microbial ecology has witnessed tremendous progress over the last decade empowered by meta-omics approaches and innovations in DNA/RNA sequencing as well as high-resolution mass spectrometry. In this climate, the rise of meta-omics projects (Raes, 2011) such as MetaHIT and the Human Microbiome Project, Tara Oceans, the Global Ocean Sampling Expedition and the Earth Microbiome Project aiming at unraveling the structure and function of specific microbiomes in different habitats was observed. Now that massive data generation is no longer science fiction, the bottleneck shifts to computational analysis (Falony Falony et al., 2015, 2015).

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