This Week In Biofilms And Microbiomes: Monday November 23, 2015

A round-up of what we read last week in the media's coverage of biofilms and microbiomes research.

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Following up from last week’s newsthat The American Museum of Natural History, New York, US has opened an exhibition dedicated to the microbiome, STAT has published this nice visitor's view of the exhibition by Matt McCarthy, assistant professor of medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine, US. A good read for those of us unable to make the trip to New York to check it out for ourselves.

Also mentioned last week, OpenBiome is in the news again this week thanks to the launch of its PersonalBiome biobanking service, which will allow people who are vulnerable to C. diff infections “to proactively save their own microbiome for a rainy day”, as Fast Company reported. “Right now, PersonalBiome’s services are limited to those who are at risk of recurrent C. diff, which include people who have had it before”, Fast Company explained.

The Scientist highlighted this paper from Immunity in which researchers have shown that, “to establish tolerance by the immune system, colonization of the skin by commensal bacteria occurs during the first few days after birth in mice”. A potential implication of the research is that “giving antibiotics to a child in early neonatal life is likely a disservice because this will limit the amount and type of bacteria that is seen by the adaptive immune system and this could be linked to the development of autoimmune, inflammatory skin diseases later in life,” said study coauthor Michael Rosenblum, a dermatologist and immunologist at UCSF, US.

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