Conference on Microbial Biofilms (CoMB 2016), Thanjavur, January 29-30, 2016

This conference, to be held at the SASTRA University in Thanjavur, India, is now open for registration and abstract submissions.

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Biofilm is the predominant lifestyle of bacteria in their natural settings. They are microbial cell collectives enmeshed in a matrix of exopolymeric substances (EPS). The main motivation of this conference is to assemble people working in India on topics related to Microbial Biofilms in India and chalk out strategies to combat the menacing problem of drug resistant biofilms, biofouling, to throw light on the advantages of employing microbial biofilms in wastewater treatment process and biodegradation of xenobiotics. It is expected to result in many brain-storming sessions which will lead in identifying key areas that require immediate attention in India.

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