New On Proteomic Profiling Of Host-Biofilm Interactions In An Oral Infection Model Resembling The Periodontal Pocket

Published online on November 3, 2015 by Scientific Reports, this article by Kai Bao, Nagihan Bostanci, George N. Belibasakis, Nathalie Selevsek and Jonas Grossmann (University of Zürich, Switzerland) is now available to view.

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Periodontal infections cause inflammatory destruction of the tooth supporting tissues. We recently developed a dynamic, in vitroperiodontal organotypic tissue model in a perfusion bioreactor system, in co-culture with an 11-species subgingival biofilm, which may recapitulate early events during the establishment of periodontal infections. This study aimed to characterize the global proteome regulations in this host-biofilm interaction model. Semi-quantitative shotgun proteomics were applied for protein identification and quantification in the co-culture supernatants (human and bacterial) and the biofilm lysates (bacterial). A total of 896 and 3363 proteins were identified as secreted in the supernatant and expressed in the biofilm lysate, respectively. Enriched gene ontology analysis revealed that the regulated secreted human tissue proteins were related to processes of cytoskeletal rearrangement, stress responses, apoptosis, and antigen presentation, all of which are commensurate with deregulated host responses. Most secreted bacterial biofilm proteins derived from their cytoplasmic domain. In the presence of the tissue, the levels ofFusobacterium nucleatum, Actinomyces oris and Campylobacter rectusproteins were significantly regulated. The functions of the up-regulated intracellular (biofilm lysate) proteins were associated with cytokinesis. In conclusion, the proteomic overview of regulated pathways in this host-biofilm interaction model provides insights to the early events of periodontal pathogenesis.

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