Novel Approaches In Metabolic Drug Discovery, Somerville, MA, November 19, 2015

Explore a spectrum of topics including novel targets, evaluation of microbiome modulators, and the effect of metabolic disease on physiology, at this 1-day symposium, presented by leading scientists in academia and industry.

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This 1-day symposium, “Novel Approaches in Metabolic Drug Discovery”, will be held on Thursday, November 19, Norton's Woods Conference Center at the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. Developed by Charles River, this scientific symposium will highlight a spectrum of new approaches to metabolic drug discovery, including the discovery of novel targets, evaluation of microbiome modulators, the effect of metabolic disease on regular physiology, and much more.

This educational forum is for scientists working in biotechnology, pharmaceutical organizations and academia who wish to explore the latest advances in metabolic drug discovery, as presented by key scientists from leading organizations. The meeting is also an excellent opportunity to network with fellow professionals in a lively, interactive setting.

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