Burroughs Wellcome Science Award for biofilm methodology

From the Montana State University News page: "MSU faculty member earns grant award for biofilm methodology research"

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"Darla Goeres, a Montana State University associate research professor in chemical and biological engineering and a member of the Center for Biofilm Engineering, was recently awarded a Burroughs Wellcome Innovation in Regulatory Science Award. Goeres will receive $500,000 over five years to develop new methodology to assess the prevention of biofilm formation on medical devices."

Read more about Goeres' award at the MSU News site:


Elisabeth M. Bik

Science Editor, uBiome

After receiving my PhD at Utrecht University in The Netherlands, I worked at the Dutch National Institute for Health and the St. Antonius Hospital in Nieuwegein. From 2001-2016 I worked in the laboratory of David Relman at Stanford University, where I have worked on the characterization of human oral, gastric, and intestinal microbiotas, and that of marine mammals. In 2016 I joined uBiome where we allow citizen scientists to sequence their microbiome. I also run Microbiome Digest, www.microbiomedigest.com, an almost daily compilation of scientific papers in the rapidly growing microbiome field, tweet on Twitter as @MicrobiomDigest, and scan published papers for image manipulation.


Go to the profile of Jen Thoroughgood
almost 7 years ago
Thanks for bringing this to the community's attention Elisabeth. Sounds like a much-deserved award.
Go to the profile of Mary Cloud B. Ammons
almost 7 years ago
Fantastic news! Good for Darla and glad to hear there is support for this important work.