Social Media And More: Tips For Authors

There's a great deal researchers can do to extend the reach and impact of their papers, using social media and more. Here are some useful tips from Nature Publishing Group.

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One of the many useful tools Nature Publishing Group provides to its authors is this great Author Tips page that's full of useful advice on extending the reach and the impact of research papers.

There's a whole page of social media tips tips too, with many of the points also being true of participating in the npj Biofilms and Microbiomes Community. These are my top 5:

  1. Follow or 'like' key figures, publishers and organizations in your field to see popular or trending topics, share relevant content and weigh in on points of discussion.
  2. When sharing your published work, try introducing the link with a provocative question or finding related to your research to further pique your audience's interest.
  3. Include photos and video links where appropriate - these add visual impact to your feed and encourage sharing.
  4. Shorten hyperlinks using sites such as, or
  5. Ask your followers questions. There's no easier way to engage someone than to ask their opinion.

The page also gives some useful advice on blog posts that are worth sharing here, for Experts and Contributors to this community:

  • To make your post more discoverable, think about the words or phrases your readers would search for to find content related to your topic, and incorporate these keywords in your post. With that said, your main goal is to create engaging content, so don't overload on keywords if they don't fit naturally into your writing.
  • Take some time to create a compelling title or headline - think of these as calls-to-action to drive people to read your post. Titles should summarize the content of your post but also entice people to read on. Make sure to incorporate one of your most important target keywords or phrases.
  • Don't forget to promote your blog post(s) through your social networks. You'll be providing interesting content to your followers and colleagues, and increasing your potential readership.

The page also includes a great infographic on scientists' use of social media, that helps illustrate why communities like this one are increasingly valuable to in communication and collaboration in science.

I hope you enjoy this valuable resource. Do feel free to share your own tips on this subject by commenting below.

Jen Thoroughgood

Former Head of Communities, Springer Nature

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