Why Vote?

You will see that when you are signed in to the community, you will be given the option to 'upvote' a post, video or answer to a question. Here's why you should do this...

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All npj Biofilms and Microbiomes Community content can be voted on by you. You’ll see a vote count below post and video titles that shows you how many people have ‘upvoted’ a piece of content. To upvote, you use the Vote Up button just below that count.

Users can also vote on answers submitted to questions. You’ll see a vote count at the top of a submitted answer and a Vote Up button alongside.

But what does upvoting do?

  1. It shows you like a piece of content
  2. It gets you noticed by the content creator. They receive an email when someone votes for their content
  3. It pushes content up the rankings so that it moves up the Most Voted list on the Discover dashboard
  4. It makes content appear on the Most Voted page
  5. For answers, it helps users know which are likely to be most useful

Why you should use voting

  1. You can use it to thank Experts and Contributors for creating content. It’s a simple way to show you’ve read a post or question answer or watched a video, and that you like it
  2. It highlights content you think is particularly interesting or helpful, making it more likely to be seen by community participants
  3. It encourages more of the same!

If you are an Expert or Contributor to the npj Biofilms and Microbiomes Community, why not create posts designed to be voted on? Ask readers to vote if they agree with an argument you’ve made or to approve an idea.

Jen Thoroughgood

Former Head of Communities, Springer Nature

I'm no longer with Springer Nature so please send your community-related queries to communities@nature.com. Thanks!