The Gut Microbiome: The Holy Grail of Health and Wellness?

How research on the human gut microbiome reinforces the need to support diverse, sustainable food systems

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The microbiota (microorganisms that occupy a specific niche) is a current buzz word in the scientific community, and an area of hot new research in world of nutrition. In researching how diet and environmental factors shape the human gut microbiota- key players in health outcomes such as malnutrition, allergies, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, depression, autism, immunity and so much more- many of us are starting to wonder if we have hit the holy grail of nutrition. Quite possibly!

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Martin Delahunty

Global Director, Nature Partner Journals, Nature Research

Working within Nature Research's Open Research Group, I am Global Director for Nature Partner Journals based in London. I have responsibility across five global office locations to develop Nature Partner Journals, a new series of online-only, open access journals, published in collaboration with world-renowned partners. Launched in April 2014, the portfolio now includes 14 titles including 'npj Biofilms and Microbiomes'. I have a Degree in Natural Sciences specializing in Microbiology from Trinity College Dublin and a Masters in Business Administration from The Open University. Within the broader medical publications community, I serve as Secretary and Trustee for the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals.