This Week: March for Science 22nd April 2017

This Saturday March for Science will take place in cities across the globe

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On Saturday, Scientists all around the world will take to the streets for March for Science.

"The March for Science is the first step of a global movement to defend the vital role science plays in our health, safety, economies, and governments." -

Over the last few years, many in the scientific community have felt that science has come under attack both from society and politics. Appeals to logic and reason have been dismissed as politicians proclaim "we have had enough of experts"[1] and present "alternative facts"[2] as the truth.

March for science is an attempt to address this as proponents of science express their discontent with the current state of things. The movement has gained a lot of momentum which has earned it both praise and criticism as pointed out in this Editorial from Nature, who officially support the march.

Go to to find out if there is a march close to you. If not, you can always attend any march virtually, on social media. The first place to check would be Twitter with the hashtag #MarchForScience.

Whether you agree or disagree, on the 22nd April, scientists from across the globe will take to the streets and make a statement on your behalf. It is important to keep stay up to date with what they are saying and make sure that your voice and opinions are heard.

[1] Gove: Britons "Have Had Enough of Experts"

[2] Alternative Facts

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