​Microbiome-based precision medicine: Tricon 2017 round-up

Round up of the Tricon precision medicine microbiome symposium.

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Two weeks ago, The Molecular Medicine Tri Conference (Tricon) held its 24th annual gathering for industry and researchers. Lucky for us, this year’s conference included a two day microbiome-based precision medicine symposium featuring industry, startup, and research thought leaders across the field. I distilled some of the most exciting sessions into the following pieces:

  • Microbiome market sizing (article link) - analysis of the market size, trends, and opportunities in the microbiome today. Information courtesy of Frost & Sullivan.
  • Skin microbiome: Two product approaches (article link) - special analysis of two skin microbiome companies that presented (Naked Biome and AOBiome) and their divergent paths to market.

George Roche

Founder, Revital Biome

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