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Guide for the conferece: Environmental Microbial Biofilms and Human Microbiomes: Drivers of Future Sustainability

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Next week we are happy to be hosting Environmental Microbial Biofilms and Human Microbiomes: Drivers of Future Sustainability with our partners SCELSE and NTU in Singapore.

Get ready for live updates via Twitter and on the Community.

You can engage with us on Twitter even if you don't have an account by keeping an eye on this page:

If you are on Twitter, then you can follow the hashtag: #EHMicrobiomes2017

This will aggregate all of the Tweets from the conference, there'll be photos, links to articles and commentaries from the attendees.

As well as this, there are some Twitter accounts that will be talking about events from the conference. You can follow them and add them to your favourites








So please join us! If you can't make it to Singapore then we are going to make a effort to let you attend the conference ''virtually' through Twitter.

Below is a detailed reference for all sessions.

Detailed Reference Guide for each session

Below you'll find an outline of the conference with the relevant Twitter accounts for the speakers. This will help you to connect with the speaker and their University while the conference is going on. You'll find the Twitter handle (eg. @Nature


Alan Chan from NTU


Staffan Normark from Karolinska Institute


Alexander Zehnder from NTU



Staffan Kjelleberg from NTU



Roy Kishony from Harvard



Philippe Sansonetti from Institut Pasteur


Margaret Mcfall-Ngai from University of Hawaii at Manoa


Roy Kishony from University of Hawaii at Manoa



Theme 1 : Environmental Biofilms –Fundamentals From Microbial Models To Complex Communities

Peer Bork from EMBL


Linda Wegley from San Diego State University


Yehuda Cohen from SCELSE


Roy Kishony from University of Hawaii at Manoa


Mark Ellisman from UC San Diego


Theme 2: Molecular Microbial Ecology to Macro Ecology and Environmental Engineering

David Wardle from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


Tom Ian Battin from EFPL


Peter Steinberg from University of New South Wales


Kenneth Nealson from University of Southern California


Marilyn J. Roossinck from Pennsylvania State University


Ehud Banin from Bar Ilan University


Stefan Wuertz from SCELSE



Theme 3 : Human Microbiome New Dimensions in Medical Microbiology

David A Relman from Stanford University


Sven Petterson from Karolinska Institute


Martin J.Blaser from NYU School of Medicine


Liping Zhao from Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Gary D. Wu from University of Pennsylvania


Ting Zhu from Tsinghua University


Theme 4 : Interrelation of Environmental and Human Sustainability

Margaret Mcfall-Ngai from University of Hawaii at Manoa


Marilou Sison-Mangus from University of California Santa Cruz


Sandra Mclellan from University of Wisconsin


Paul Wilmes from University of Luxembourg


Andrew J. Holmes from The University of Sydney


Alexander Zehnder from NTU



Martin Delahunty from NPJ



Joe Bennett from NPJ


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