Most popular post types in the community

There are several different ways to post in the community, but there are 3 options that are the most widely used.

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When you go to create a post, as detailed by Jeanette Romero, you are asked which post type you would like to create.

We have noticed that 3 of these post types are the most popular:


This is a text post and is probably the most versatile option. Think of it like a normal blog post, you can write text and embed media such as videos, photos, screenshots etc. If in doubt, choose this option. Remember to always include a poster image to make your post stand out. I complied a list of places for you to find good images here.


If you would like to share a video then consider using the video post. The main difference between a "Video" and a "Post" is that with the "Video" option, your video will replace the Poster Image at the very top of the article. Instead of the image, a player will appear giving your video the most prominent location. You can still write text, embed photos and additional videos. Here are two examples, one long, and one very short. As you can see, this is a great post option to show off the movies from papers that you like.


If you would like to get expert help from members of the community, then why post a question? This can be anything from theory and methods to career advice. Something that you may not know is that if the experts aren't already in the community to answer your question, then we will actively go out and look for them. It's a very valuable resource and I fully recommend that you give it a try.

Post your own!

So, do you have a video to share? A burning question? or an idea for a post? Come on into the Community and give it a try. If you are unsure or have any questions then email or Tweet me ( @BenLibberton).

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