As a microbiologist, I found this counterintuitive

Multidisciplinary approaches are really helping us to address microbiological problems.

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Jan 20, 2016

I really like this paper from Biofilms and Microbiomes:

As a microbiologist, the hypothesis seems counter intuitive - how can pores prevent bacterial attachment? Surely bacteria will become trapped and attach more strongly.

Well, tell that to a physicist and they explain what Guoping Feng showed in the article.

The hypothesis and findings in this paper are a good example of the sort of information we can generate by working in multidisciplinary teams.

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Ben Libberton

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I'm a Communications Officer at MAX IV Laboratory in Lund, Sweden, formally a Postdoc in the biofilm field. I'm interested in how bacteria cause disease and look to technology to produce novel tools to study and ultimately prevent infection. Part of my current role is to find ways to use synchrotron radiation to study microorganisms.

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